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 GS Application

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PostSubject: GS Application   GS Application Icon_minitimeSat Oct 23, 2010 10:41 am

Please, make a new application post

You will PM ME the first part of the application, you will reply in here with the second part.
1. Your Apocalyptic Shaiya Server Account. 
2. Your IGN for the Game you are applying for.
3. The Level/Class/Guild/Side of your character?
4. How Long have you been playing the game ?
5. What is your Skype compatable ID?
6. A brief description of why you want to be a Volunteer.
7. Have you ever been banned, or had disciplinary action taken against you. If so, explain.
(This will NOT affect your application. Just want to know. )

Shaiya Sage Questions
A. What are the rules/known abuses?
B. How can a player find a GS/GM?
C. What are the methods to contact Apocalyptic Shaiya?
D. How do you identify a GS?
E. What powers/abilities does a GS have?
F. Describe what meant by 'adult content'?
G. How do you get to Ultimate Mode, and what does it mean?
H. What item provides a chance to get a rare pet?
I. What is Lapis, and how do you use it?
J. Whats the drop rate and place of Goddess Supreme Lapis?
K. What is the name of the 3 new 60-70 Maps ?
L. If you were leveling.. and a player calls out for help, what would you do?
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GS Application
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