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 [GS]Application (Chrono)

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PostSubject: [GS]Application (Chrono)   [GS]Application (Chrono) Icon_minitimeSun Nov 07, 2010 12:27 am

A. What are the rules/known abuses? Terms of Service, http://shaiya.aeriagames.com/ethics_guide

B. How can a player find a GS/GM? Trade Chat, Notices, Skype/MSN, private messages, forums

C. What are the methods to contact Apocalyptic Shaiya? www.apocalypticshaiya.forumotion.net/contact.forum

D. How do you identify a GS? [GS] beside their name & are known amongst players or a GM tells you

E. What powers/abilities does a GS have? None & the ability to report.

F. Describe what meant by 'adult content'? Profanity, Sexual innuendos, Sexual gestures, Religious points of view, political Views, Sexual content.

G. How do you get to Ultimate Mode, and what does it mean? Level an HM toon to 50 (this server just make one) means theres a possibility of losing your toon & that you own everyone ^_^

H. What item provides a chance to get a rare pet? usually Raffle or mystery item boxes.

I. What is Lapis, and how do you use it? Link it to your gear/weapons to provide more stat points to your character.

J. Whats the drop rate and place of Goddess Supreme Lapis? Kanos Ilium Altars (10%), CT Bosses (30%), CS Bosses (30%), SC Boss (10%), Kimu (10%), Asmo (1%), GRB Bosses (20%)

K. What is the name of the 3 new 60-70 Maps ? Palaion Regnum, Valdemar Regnum, Canos Illium

L. If you were leveling.. and a player calls out for help, what would you do? Ask him in trade what he needed. If important PM him and settle the problem. If something GM must deal with would SS and report to GM soon as possible.
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[GS]Application (Chrono)
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